About Us


Skyler Blue is a local Austin fashion brand founded in 2019 by designer Skyler Stephens Messina.  Skyler Blue is a luxury, clear handbag company that provides an original, luxury solution to consumers who are looking for clear bags to bring to events, including sporting events, concerts, festivals, comedy shows, theatre, rodeos, and any other event at a venue that requires clear bags.  

Skyler and her husband are huge sports fans and attend many events every year for their favorite teams across the country. In 2017, Skyler began searching for the perfect clear handbag. It didn’t exist. What she found were flimsy bags with cheap strapping. So, she began looking for a thicker gauge plastic and a more fashionable option. Skyler started creating bags and lending them to friends for events.

Our name is inspired by Skyler’s mother’s bedtime lullaby “Skyler Sue / I love you / Eyes so blue.”  Skyler Blue is in its infancy and we are so excited about all of the upcoming products we hope to offer. Thank you for being a part of this and we appreciate any feedback, comments, or ideas that you may have.  Please check back for upcoming artwork that will be rolling out later this fall!

- Skyler