The Live Oak Scarf

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***Scarf only***

Fans who want to wear green and black in Austin can support their team Texas Style with The Live Oak Scarf. The 100% silk, limited edition scarf features original artwork in a simple green and black pattern.

Please Note: There may be slight variations in scarf designs. 

Size & Fit

  • Heavyweight 100% silk
  • Dimensions: 24" x  24"
  • Dry Clean Only 

Care & Details

    **Be sure to double tie the scarf when wearing it so as to prevent it becoming undone or getting lost. 

    **As with all 100% silk products, the scarves will wrinkle. When not in use, store flat and folded. Iron on a silk setting or with a pillow case/light towel on top of scarf to prevent damage. 

    All of our products and materials were designed with care, including our handmade genuine leather tassels, heavyweight 100% silk scarves, and breathable herringbone nylon straps.  

    Please review our Care Instructions for proper maintenance of your Skyler Blue items. 

    The Live Oak Scarf
    The Live Oak Scarf
    The Live Oak Scarf
    The Live Oak Scarf